Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Baked and Delicious Giveaway

Yep a giveaway guys and girls, how lucky are we. You may remember from my last post that Britain has a new Baking Publication - Baked and Delicious and they have kindly offered one of my lucky readers advanced issues 2-5 plus all the silicone bake ware for free, awesome huh ?

Just pop by my other blog to enter the competition and please do spread the word.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Baked and Delicious - Magazine Review

You may remember my last post showed a new anticipated Baking magazine Baked and Delicious, which was just about to hit British shelves, well I was fortunate enough to be sent a copy of the Magazine by its publishers so I could review it for all my readers.

The Magazine promised to offer "Sweet and Savoury, traditional and modern recipes gorgeously illustrated and full if tips for better baking." and I must say I was not disappointed. It came with 7-9 recipes for so many different baked goods, including Focaccia, Dundee Cake, Choux Pastry and my all time fave Vanilla Cupcakes.

At first I was unsure if this was enough recipes but then I thought about the fact that its a fortnightly not monthly publication and decided its probably just the right amount. It provides a variety of recipes most of which you could try most nights of the week and to be honest just enough for a fortnight of free time. (which most of us don't have now a days).

I found the step by step instructions (which come in photo and written description) very helpful and easy to follow, they were clear and if a novice baker you would be able to follow them easily. At this point my only real complaint (and its not much of one) is I wish they did the step by step for every recipe not just a selected few.

I felt it only fair that to review the magazine I should defiantly have tried making something. As time was short for me this week I picked the Vanilla Cupcakes a true favourite and thought lets see how this recipe measures up to the many I have used. I chose to only make 1/2 a dozen and was pleased when I got to use the free silicon cupcake cases that come with the magazine.

I must say I was very pleased with the result, as I stated before the instructions where beautifully easy to follow and the cakes themselves came out delicious ( my hubby added some of the best I have made) the butter cream icing for my personal taste was a little runny but all in all a very tasty recipe.

So shall I be subscribing to the magazine ?
I think I honestly shall, I know I shouldn't as I have very little space to store it but it does come with a free gift binder in one of the issues along with a whole host of silicone bake ware and cake tins etc and who can say no to such great gifts.

So go check out the magazine and I would love to hear your views.


Finished Cupcake

Friday, 4 March 2011

A New Baking Magazine for Home Cooks

I had a great email the other day informing me of a new Baking Magazine due to be released in the UK, so I thought I best share the love so all you fellow cake lovers out there can run out to the shops on Wed 9th March 2011 and buy, buy, buy.

I have been kindly sent a copy of the press release and some first look photo's to share to give us all a taster.

A New Baking Magazine for Home Cooks

Baked & Delicious is a new fortnightly magazine packed with recipes, from international classics to traditional favourites. Featuring easy to follow steps, it brings together the very best of today’s cooking, that you can bake at home.

Along with these wonderful recipes, you can also collect the latest in silicone bakeware. Fast becoming the bakeware of choice by all home bakers, it is hardwearing, versatile and easy-to-clean. Collecting week by week, the range will enable you to bake all the delicious recipes with ease.

Subscribe now to receive four additional free gifts worth over £35! These include a beautiful designed binder to keep all your magazines pristine, a cake slice, matching cake tin set and a set of electronic scales. The magazine is not available in-stores until 9th March 2011 however you can find out more information and subscribe here.

I am really interested to read the article on silicone bakeware, I have used cupcake cases but that's it and have heard they are quite easy to use, also the pavlova in issue 2 looks scrummy.

As soon as I have read the first issue I shall be back with my feelings on the mag, so watch this space as I try to return to the world of cupcake blogging.

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