Wednesday, 24 July 2013

MakeBake - I Do Love To Shop

Well I am back after finally finishing baking my own little cupcake, yes that's right my 3rd little Cupcake arrived into the world on June 21st.

Deacon is my 2nd son and 3rd child and he truly is sweeter than anything I can bake.

The day after Deacon was born was my Mom's surprise Birthday Party, I had promised my Sister I was baking the cake and in my head I had planned my design for weeks, but with last minute long drawn out labour I did not get anywhere but the supermarket to buy my supplies.

It could have been so much better with MakeBake

I was so disappointed as only the week before the awesomeness that is MakeBake came on my radar.

MakeBake are one of the UK's largest cake decorating stores with over ten years experience under their belts, MakeBake offer an unrivalled collection of cake decorating equipment and decorations.

They had everything I needed and more to make a beautiful heart shaped cake like I wanted for my Mom, even more so as she is American and a great deal of their products are similar to that she used back in the states.

As I didn't get to use them for baking my Mom's cake, I am now thinking what I can use as an excuse to order for, don't get me wrong I love to bake cupcakes every other week given half the chance, but with a newborn not always possible, but I have been wanting to make my Choc/Orange Cupcakes again for a while, so maybe I shall bake some for a little picnic with some other bloggers(friends) I am planning to go on.

The question is which Cupcake Toppers to choose, as their is literally hundreds, I have spent the past 20 minutes looking and still not seen them all.

Picture Property of MakeBake

I did love these edible silver Butterfly's and think they look stunning against the chocolate butter cream, or do I please the many children on the day and especially my animal loving Addison, with toppers like these.

Picture Property of MakeBake

I think MakeBake will end up taking much of my bank balance each month, but then a good tasting cake needs to also be pretty.

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