Wednesday, 24 July 2013

MakeBake - I Do Love To Shop

Well I am back after finally finishing baking my own little cupcake, yes that's right my 3rd little Cupcake arrived into the world on June 21st.

Deacon is my 2nd son and 3rd child and he truly is sweeter than anything I can bake.

The day after Deacon was born was my Mom's surprise Birthday Party, I had promised my Sister I was baking the cake and in my head I had planned my design for weeks, but with last minute long drawn out labour I did not get anywhere but the supermarket to buy my supplies.

It could have been so much better with MakeBake

I was so disappointed as only the week before the awesomeness that is MakeBake came on my radar.

MakeBake are one of the UK's largest cake decorating stores with over ten years experience under their belts, MakeBake offer an unrivalled collection of cake decorating equipment and decorations.

They had everything I needed and more to make a beautiful heart shaped cake like I wanted for my Mom, even more so as she is American and a great deal of their products are similar to that she used back in the states.

As I didn't get to use them for baking my Mom's cake, I am now thinking what I can use as an excuse to order for, don't get me wrong I love to bake cupcakes every other week given half the chance, but with a newborn not always possible, but I have been wanting to make my Choc/Orange Cupcakes again for a while, so maybe I shall bake some for a little picnic with some other bloggers(friends) I am planning to go on.

The question is which Cupcake Toppers to choose, as their is literally hundreds, I have spent the past 20 minutes looking and still not seen them all.

Picture Property of MakeBake

I did love these edible silver Butterfly's and think they look stunning against the chocolate butter cream, or do I please the many children on the day and especially my animal loving Addison, with toppers like these.

Picture Property of MakeBake

I think MakeBake will end up taking much of my bank balance each month, but then a good tasting cake needs to also be pretty.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes With A Twist

Sorry my little Cupcake Blog has been neglected, time is running away with me, but I hope for this to be the 1st of many regular posts.

Everyone loves a great Rainbow Cupcake, they are the height of Cupcake Fashion at the moment, but lets be honest not everyone can eat them, that's where my friend Transatlantic Blondes recipe stands out from the crowd. Blondie's recipe is EGG FREE. Her little boy is allergic, so all the yummy and scrummy recipes she puts up on her blog are Egg Free, which is just fantastic.

Picture Property of Transatlantic Blonde
The Rainbow Cupcake's secret ingredient is actually Sprite, I can just imagine how sweet these Cupcakes are and can't wait to give them a go (which shall be shortly). If these pictures intrigued you do head over to Transatlantic Blonde and find her recipe, as well as some others including Cookie and Cream Oreo Cupcakes.

Picture Property of Transatlantic Blonde

Do come back and let me know how you got on.

Thanks To Blondie for agreeing for me to write this post.

Friday, 8 June 2012

What of Today's Cupcake Is????

I started this blog a few years ago now, it was before I had children and had a great deal more time and money.
I realised today that at times this blog gets more views some days than my everyday blog and I put a ton of work into that, so Cupcakes must still have a very large cult following.

My problem is I have little to no time to indulge fully on my cupcake addiction anymore, I have had to down grade the quantity I have in my home (our current flat is small and we now have 2 babies) so what can I blog about here to keep it up and running, till the day comes I can blog more about my cupcakes?

I am thinking of trying to show you some cupcake delights across the web, other blogs, shops that sell cupcakes etc, maybe get some guest posts from other cupcake bloggers and cupcake bakers, what do you think ?

Then throw in hopefully the occasional post with my Cupcake delights, lets hope.

So if you are interested in posting here at Today's Cupcake Is, or have a blog you would like me to share please do email me, as I really don't want Today's Cupcake Is to burn out just yet.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Silent Sunday

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Ella's Bakehouse - Covent Garden

Well I headed off to London Town this past weekend to pay a little visit to my baby brother and as usual he knew it would be a sin not to find me at least 1 cupcake to try.

He has in the past taken me to Hummingbird and Buttercup, so the mission was on as we couldn't travel too far as we had Grayson (my little cupcake) with us.

We headed to Covent Garden to show my Mom around the Sunday market and to show my sweet tooth to Ella's Bakehouse.

Website Bio for Ella's Bakehouse....

"These are not just cupcakes, these are Ella’s bakehouse cupcakes made in London town by Lorraine Pascale and her merry band of highly skilled Cakers.

But what makes these cakes so darn special I hear your cry? Using mainly British ingredients the sponge is brushed with a light vanilla sugar syrup to make the cupcakes extra tasty and super-duper moist for added sensory pleasure."

The queue was out the door and the little tables and chairs out front were full to the brim, it was already well into the afternoon so I was a little worried about choice but how wrong was I to worry, they had ample choice and well stocked which for me was the first big tick.

The lady behind the counter was super sweet and polite and very efficient, tick 2.

The store was decorated very cutely and had a little kitsch vibe which we all know I am super fond of, so tick 3.

I chose to only indulge in 1 cupcake for myself and one for my hubby ( don't ask me why, great regret) obviously I always usually go for a Red Velvet, being I can never bake them right but I was in total surprise when I saw their couture flavour of Malteaser. !Yummy!
One of my favourite sweets/chocolate ever, so I am afraid Mr.Red Velvet as beautiful as he looked was pushed aside.

The cakes were decorated beautifully, not too much decoration as a cupcakery cupcake shouldn't have in my opinion, very tasteful with a sparkle of glitter for that great girly-ness.

I bought the hubby a Banoffee Cupcake, which when telling him outside the store I got a large glare for as he hadn't also wanted a Malteaser - oops. But I can honestly say he was not disappointed, he loved it, we both agreed our cakes were super moist a real tick for us and there was lashings of buttercream (a little too much for me but that's cause I am fussy).

I would have liked a little more crushed Malteaser in mine but by no means is this a criticism more of me being a greedy sweet tooth for Malteasers.

My mom also bought the Raspberry and Lemon ( I am sure that was the flavour) and said it was incredibly good, she equally agreed one of the moistest cupcakes she had eaten.

The other thing I loved about the Ella's bakehouse experience which shall make me return is the fact they box your cakes (no order to small) which for a person travelling back to Kent is a HUGE tick.

So all in all, I was over the moon, I just wish they were around the corner from me, I shall be going back for sure and more than 2 little cupcakes shall be leaving the shelves next time.

If you are ever in Covent Garden to pop by to Ella's Bakehouse and maybe check out the www as they do deliver.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Baked and Delicious Giveaway

Yep a giveaway guys and girls, how lucky are we. You may remember from my last post that Britain has a new Baking Publication - Baked and Delicious and they have kindly offered one of my lucky readers advanced issues 2-5 plus all the silicone bake ware for free, awesome huh ?

Just pop by my other blog to enter the competition and please do spread the word.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Baked and Delicious - Magazine Review

You may remember my last post showed a new anticipated Baking magazine Baked and Delicious, which was just about to hit British shelves, well I was fortunate enough to be sent a copy of the Magazine by its publishers so I could review it for all my readers.

The Magazine promised to offer "Sweet and Savoury, traditional and modern recipes gorgeously illustrated and full if tips for better baking." and I must say I was not disappointed. It came with 7-9 recipes for so many different baked goods, including Focaccia, Dundee Cake, Choux Pastry and my all time fave Vanilla Cupcakes.

At first I was unsure if this was enough recipes but then I thought about the fact that its a fortnightly not monthly publication and decided its probably just the right amount. It provides a variety of recipes most of which you could try most nights of the week and to be honest just enough for a fortnight of free time. (which most of us don't have now a days).

I found the step by step instructions (which come in photo and written description) very helpful and easy to follow, they were clear and if a novice baker you would be able to follow them easily. At this point my only real complaint (and its not much of one) is I wish they did the step by step for every recipe not just a selected few.

I felt it only fair that to review the magazine I should defiantly have tried making something. As time was short for me this week I picked the Vanilla Cupcakes a true favourite and thought lets see how this recipe measures up to the many I have used. I chose to only make 1/2 a dozen and was pleased when I got to use the free silicon cupcake cases that come with the magazine.

I must say I was very pleased with the result, as I stated before the instructions where beautifully easy to follow and the cakes themselves came out delicious ( my hubby added some of the best I have made) the butter cream icing for my personal taste was a little runny but all in all a very tasty recipe.

So shall I be subscribing to the magazine ?
I think I honestly shall, I know I shouldn't as I have very little space to store it but it does come with a free gift binder in one of the issues along with a whole host of silicone bake ware and cake tins etc and who can say no to such great gifts.

So go check out the magazine and I would love to hear your views.


Finished Cupcake

Friday, 4 March 2011

A New Baking Magazine for Home Cooks

I had a great email the other day informing me of a new Baking Magazine due to be released in the UK, so I thought I best share the love so all you fellow cake lovers out there can run out to the shops on Wed 9th March 2011 and buy, buy, buy.

I have been kindly sent a copy of the press release and some first look photo's to share to give us all a taster.

A New Baking Magazine for Home Cooks

Baked & Delicious is a new fortnightly magazine packed with recipes, from international classics to traditional favourites. Featuring easy to follow steps, it brings together the very best of today’s cooking, that you can bake at home.

Along with these wonderful recipes, you can also collect the latest in silicone bakeware. Fast becoming the bakeware of choice by all home bakers, it is hardwearing, versatile and easy-to-clean. Collecting week by week, the range will enable you to bake all the delicious recipes with ease.

Subscribe now to receive four additional free gifts worth over £35! These include a beautiful designed binder to keep all your magazines pristine, a cake slice, matching cake tin set and a set of electronic scales. The magazine is not available in-stores until 9th March 2011 however you can find out more information and subscribe here.

I am really interested to read the article on silicone bakeware, I have used cupcake cases but that's it and have heard they are quite easy to use, also the pavlova in issue 2 looks scrummy.

As soon as I have read the first issue I shall be back with my feelings on the mag, so watch this space as I try to return to the world of cupcake blogging.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


365 - Day 250
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For not being around, life has been majorly hetic and it seems that this is not going to improve as we are expec ting a 2nd little cupcake.

We are very pleased all be it a little apprehensive (due to G medical problems) and can't wait for the baby to be here in May 2011 (a while off).

I have got cupcake related things to share, including a giveaway, so once I can I shall be back.

Thanks to all.

Friday, 25 June 2010

I do love a good SALE

From my last post you may have seen the sweet cupcake teapcup and saucer my hubby treated me too.
Well last week we took a trip to Fenwicks so he could show me what else they did in the line, as we were walking past I noticed the sign SALE in the kitchen department and took a wonder and found some cupcake goodies.
I was a good girl and limited myself to 2, a new Cupcake Jar ( I must start putting stuff in them) and a Cupcake Trivet which is very useful.
They had more stuff so I shall have to make sure I don't sneak into town.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Cupcake Gifts

I have been very lucky these past couple of weeks and have been fortunate to receive a few cupcake gifts.

1st is part of Package Project, a great handmade Cupcake Plushie, now living in the Kitchen.

2nd - my beautiful Flickr Friend Anna, she sent me some Cupcake items for having picnics, they are super cute.

And last but no means least my gorgeous hubby turned up with the most amazing Cupcake Teacup and Saucer - hand painted.

So what about you, received any cupcake gifts?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flickr Faves - Art for the Walls

Flickr Faves - Art for the Walls
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We are moving home in the summer and I have realised that although I have a great deal of Cupcake trinkets in my kitchen I have very little Art for the walls, so today I popped around Flickr to see what is around and I thought I would share.

I am thinking of doing a cupcake ATC swap as I would love a collection of cupcake ATC's on one wall.

If you have any art suggestions for me, do tell.


Monday, 31 May 2010

What's Up Cupcake ?

On Saturday the Hubby, Grayson and I took a walk in Whitstable and browsed a few shops of course.

I had heard on the grapevine that we finally had a Cupcakery in Whitstable in Kent, so I made it my mission to find it and finally at about 4pm soaking wet from the rain we walked up to this adorable Green and Pink shop front and there is was....

The window was full of gorgeous Cupcake gift items (which they sell) and had such a lovely feel. I walked into a gorgeous little pretty shop with Cupcake Trinkets all around and then a lovely counter with Cupcakes. The shop was very busy and there were only a handful of Cupcakes left (obviously a good day) so I quickly snapped up the last 2 Vanilla Cupcakes before someone else could.

The staff were in beautiful matching uniforms and wrapped our cupcakes so diligently, if the store had not been so busy I honestly would have taken piccys and had a chat as it is gorgeous inside.

Ashley and I waited till we got home to try our Cupcakes and I must say they were scrummy, the cake was incredibly moist and dense as I love my cupcakes a real bite and with the little Jazzies on top they had just the right amount of decoration.

I can honestly say I shall be re-visiting, not only to try and get another flavour but also to get some piccy's for you all too see.

So please people if you are ever local to Whitstable, go visit What's Up Cupcake, as it is so lovely to finally have our very own Kentish Cupcakery.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

My 'Next' Delights

Thanks you my gorgeous husband for my new Cupcake Collectibles, thanks Next for making them.

Cookie Jar and Money Box - Don't you love the scallop detailing.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Eat Me

Last weekend I got round to making some Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes from my "Eat Me" book.

Its a time consuming recipe, you have to make your own Raspberry Jam and White Chocolate Cream Sauce but its worth it as they are a lovely flavour.

I will be changing a couple of things next time, I shall put less Raspberries in the cakes and add less of the Jam to the Buttercream Frosting as it made it very runny but that's the gift of baking to learn.

I also got to use my new Lakeland Piping Syringe, I think it would have a done good job if the Buttercream had not been so runny.

If you would like the recipe just let me know.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Today's Cupcake Is... May 2010 Flickr Faves

Today's Cupcake Is... May 2010 Flickr Faves
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I promised I would try and keep up with my Flickr Faves and although I did not make it in April I have a lovely selection for you this month.

Firstly gorgeous handmade hairslides, I love these, although I don't think my super thick hair would. The pink colours are just awesome.

The canvases are the cutest thing, I have been thinking when I move in the summer I shall need some more Cupcake Art for the walls so these are a total inspiration.

The Lampwork Cupcake earrings are outstanding, this lady makes some of the best lampwork I have seen and she has a whole range of cupcake jewels, so get check it out.

The cupcake lampshade maybe in my home in the hear future, I just need to make sure my new kitchen will have space for it, so watch out.

Retro Cupcakes - are a real fave of mine and these are super pretty, I only wish I had a little girl to indulge these delights in.

Lastly the cupcake liners in a jar - totally love. I am off to Brighton on holiday tomorrow and trust me I will be on the look out for a glass jar to show mine off in, so simple yet so pretty.

So I hope you have enjoyed this months favourites, please click on the picture to go check out these peoples photostreams.


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport is a family run English Business that has just have the cutest stuff ever.

I wish I only had a little girl so I could par-take in wearing matching apron's and oven mitts whilst baking cupcakes and their new 'Gingerbreadmen and Cupcakes' range is the one I would choose.

I mean I am not sure what more you could ask for in a print, its Pink, its has stars on it, cute little Gingerbreadmen and CUPCAKES.

Here is just a very small selection of all the marvels they have in the line.....

I think this bag maybe on my shoulder soon

All pictures property of Sophie Allport

Want to know the best bit, go buy 'Your Home' magazine this month and you will find a 20% discount offer for Sophie Allport, win win.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Cupcake Sparkles

365 - Day 106
Originally uploaded by innocentcharmer

Thought I would drop in and show you these gorgeous Cupcake Sparkles I got this past week.
They are so cute, its a Necklace and Brooch, that were both in the ASOS sale, they did matching earrings too but I have so many I took a rain check on those.

I am pretty sure the Necklace was £8.00 and the Brooch was £6.00.

They sparkle lovely, so head on over and trea yourself, every girl deserves some Cupcake Jewels.

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