Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Crafting Cupcakes one step at a time

Some of you may or may not know that I am a crafter, paper crafts, jewellery, polymer clay, ATC's I have taken my hand to many. When I got very poorly during pregnancy my crafting nearly halted altogether and since having Grayson I have still not had much opportunity, this has sadden me a little as I really do enjoy it.

So this month I joined a couple of swaps through Swap-bot to make myself craft, the other day I sat down for a whole 1 hour and a half and played and it was real fun. I mean it ain't much to say the least I am certainly no artist but it allowed me to relax and let off steam.

The first swap was a Cupcake ATC swap, one cupcake themed ATC for 1 partner, I have actually made 2, one for my partner and one for swap host. The ribbon ATC's are one of my old faves but I included some cupcake ribbon this time.

The second swap was a cupcake goodie bag, which you could decorate, I did with 3 cupcake related items in and if possible tailored to your partners likes. I actually included 5, Cupcake Napkins (a great accessory for any kitchen), cupcake ribbon, vintage cupcake cases, cupcake lip gloss and a yankee vanilla buttercream cupcake candle. I would be happy to receive this, how about you ?

On that subject I was wondering if there is any interest I was thinking of doing a similar swap, you pack 3 items in an envie for your partner, doesn't have to be decorated, they can be anything cupcake related from baking them to wearing them for a total budget of £6.00, so we can all afford, just something to cheer us up in these dyre financial times, post whether you are interested and hopefully if we get a few people I shall host the swap through my blog.

Anyway I have plenty more to post about, sorry for the delay Grayson is still no better so it has been a nightmare, he is back to hospital on Thursday to be reevaluated and more results, I am thinking they will admit him again. Cross fingers they can help him this time.

Cupcake Goodness to all.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Belated Happy Cupcake-tastic Easter

Happy Easter to All, I hope you all had fun and got to enjoy some Cupcake magic as well as chocolate, well luckily I did.

It started off for me on Saturday getting my Easter Pressie from my MIL and SIL, they felt I needed super cheering up after a bad couple of weeks, so off they went to Debenham's and treated me to the Awesome Cupcake Teapot which is part of my Cookie Jar collection that I have wanted forever - woohoo Anne I finally have it.

Then on Easter Sunday my gorgeous little Gray Gray awoke me to some yummy M&S chocolate and finally the 'Pixie' Cupcake Momiji doll, man my son is awesome he knows just how to make his Mommy smile.

After all this Cupcake love coming my way I felt it only fair that I should make some Cupcakes to take to my cousin's at our annual Easter Gathering so I jumped to it and quickly whipped up a batch of Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting (tinted yellow for Easter of course) I must say I was a little disappointed, my usual soft cupcakes came out a little dry but everyone seemed to love them and they were all gone within an hour.

I put some sweeties on top for the kiddies and the others I quickly decorated for Easter, with Easter Egg and Hot Cross Bun designs, next year I am going to plan in advance and go all out.

So I hope you all had some Cupcake Easter Bank Holiday fun ?



Monday, 13 April 2009

Cupcake Smiles were needed

Bottom Right Piccy is Grayson getting high on his Oxygen - lol

Sorry I haven't been around but my life has been very difficult in the past 2 weeks, on Thursday 2nd April after a few poorly days for Grayson we headed off to clinic to get his weekly weight check (as unlike his Mommy he is underweight) whilst I was there long story short Gray went Blue, floppy and near enough stopped breathing an ambulance was called and he was put on Oxygen and rushed to hospital. After a week long stay for us in the hospital, 20 sets of Bloods, MRI, EEG, Oxygen, Med's and more doctors then you can imagine we are finally home, no one is quite sure what happened but he is doing a lot better, he is still not right and has to go back several more times and due to problems on his MRI all his test results have been sent to London to a specialist to be looked at, we are not sure what will happen, obviously we hope that everything is fine but I know if they do come back with some of the things they are saying I shall never love Grayson any less.

So anywho onto the cupcakes, well to cheer me up in the hospital my lovely Hubby one more brought this in for me, aren't they adorable, along with the lovely cupcake cookie jar range Debenhams have brought out some more Cupcake goodies, including this lovely Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl. I love the fact they are so different to the other stuff they do, they are more delicate.

Well there is other Easter Cupcake goodness to tell you about but I shall post that tomorrow, want to get back to my regular updates if I can.


P.S don't you think hospitals should have Internet for us poor people that have to pretty much live there.
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