Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Crafting Cupcakes one step at a time

Some of you may or may not know that I am a crafter, paper crafts, jewellery, polymer clay, ATC's I have taken my hand to many. When I got very poorly during pregnancy my crafting nearly halted altogether and since having Grayson I have still not had much opportunity, this has sadden me a little as I really do enjoy it.

So this month I joined a couple of swaps through Swap-bot to make myself craft, the other day I sat down for a whole 1 hour and a half and played and it was real fun. I mean it ain't much to say the least I am certainly no artist but it allowed me to relax and let off steam.

The first swap was a Cupcake ATC swap, one cupcake themed ATC for 1 partner, I have actually made 2, one for my partner and one for swap host. The ribbon ATC's are one of my old faves but I included some cupcake ribbon this time.

The second swap was a cupcake goodie bag, which you could decorate, I did with 3 cupcake related items in and if possible tailored to your partners likes. I actually included 5, Cupcake Napkins (a great accessory for any kitchen), cupcake ribbon, vintage cupcake cases, cupcake lip gloss and a yankee vanilla buttercream cupcake candle. I would be happy to receive this, how about you ?

On that subject I was wondering if there is any interest I was thinking of doing a similar swap, you pack 3 items in an envie for your partner, doesn't have to be decorated, they can be anything cupcake related from baking them to wearing them for a total budget of £6.00, so we can all afford, just something to cheer us up in these dyre financial times, post whether you are interested and hopefully if we get a few people I shall host the swap through my blog.

Anyway I have plenty more to post about, sorry for the delay Grayson is still no better so it has been a nightmare, he is back to hospital on Thursday to be reevaluated and more results, I am thinking they will admit him again. Cross fingers they can help him this time.

Cupcake Goodness to all.



  1. I would be up for a cupcake swap! Fingers crossed for the Duke!


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