Sunday, 3 May 2009

Supermarket Trumps

Well as most know, I live in Kent and unfortunately there is of yet no cupcakery's here :-(

So my cupcake fixes have to come from what bake, which time and skills are not always the right fix.

Friday night hubby, Grayson and I popped to Asda for a quick night time shop and there on the shelf were these cute looking cupcakes called 'My Cupcakes' I looked at Ashley and he said get them but after my many supermarket and high street cupcake tastes I was not so sure, after a minutes deliberation I thought you know what give a em a try they maybe worth it and do you know what they weren't half bad.

Unlike most cupcakes from supermarkets they were moist, they were very sweet and had lashings of topping, my only complaints were the berries inside were not very nice and the buttercream was a little too sweet but all in all they filled a fix.

So see if your Asda sells them, I mean they are not cupcakery level by no means but they were a bargain.

Cupcake Love

P.S. don't forget to check out last post on swap idea.


  1. I ate a supermarket cupcake today... blah.

    I tagged you :)


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