Thursday, 14 May 2009

May Flickr Fave's

I know we bypassed April and for that I am sorry, remember if you have something cupcake related you would like me to post about please do contact me, my email is

Anyway my May Flickr Fave's and there are some lovely piccy's this month and through them I have met some talented people.

Top Left Corner - Cute Cupcake Onsie Handmade and gorgeous from Prasti, I am sure she does sell these but of this I am not sure, but if you go to her Flickr you will see some gorgeous works.

Top Right Corner - Now I am defo in the need for this, hopefully I shall be able to get one shortly, how cute is this cupcake scarf and what incredible talent, this come from Sleepyeve and she does have a blog so go check it out.

Bottom Left Corner - BustyBaker that's this ladies flickr name and I think its awesome, much like these amazing cupcakes she makes, she calls these Neapolitan cupcakes and I was licking the computer screen in the hope I could taste them, once again as I type this I am drooling at the mouth. She also sent me a lovely email telling me her great blog addy so make sure you pop in and say hi.

Bottom Right Corner - Now when I saw this pincushion from Bekehjan I was super jealous of her Mom, what a fab gift, all I have is one of those plastic pincushions so this would be a fab cupcake improvement for my sewing box, what a lovely gift to give your mom. Rebekah also has a lovely blog which has a link to her shop so be sure to check this linky too.

And I was so taken aback I had to add 2 more..

When I saw the HK inspired Cupcakes you know they had to be featured I mean HK and Cupcakes 2 of my all time favourite things. these were made my Coco Cake Cupcakes this Cupcake Queen really knows how to make amazing cakes, check out her profile for all her contact details.

And last and by no means least I found this Brownie Bite Cupcakes, wow Brownies and Cupcakes in one Heaven and look how pretty with fresh Strawberry's, oh I do love a strawberry, this picture comes from Kellbakes this lady is a ceramic artist super jealous but does baking as a hobby, I wished I baked like this. Go check out her mini apple pies they are too cute.

So a few links for you to check out, some inspiration I hope and maybe some new friends to meet through the wonderful world of Flickr and Blogs.

Update on Grayson front, I have just this second had a phone call with an appointment date of 27th May for us to go to London to see the Neuro Dept. so fingers crossed finally some answers.

Love to All.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sister's make the best Cupcake Collector's

Shannon last month with Grayson
My little Sister is such a sweetie, she came to visit Saturday and arrived with this gorgeous mug for my obsession oops I mean collection. It is so cute and a fab size, it was a steal for £2.00 from Next and for any Cupcake collector I think you should run out and buy it now.

So thanks little sister. it really cheered me up.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cupcake Packages Tied up with String

These are a few of my favourite things.

Sorry one of my fave films, so I just had to use it as a title and cupcake it up a little.

Isn't the package gorgeous, I am such a lucky girl, my BBF Laura and I do a Cupcake Art Journal back and forth to each other well when I opened up my parcel this week she had sent me some gorgeous cupcake goodies just cause, true friendship is when a friend does these things just cause and I count Laura as one of mine.

She sent me this great Cupcake Noughts and Crosses, Gray and I are going to love this, Cupcake Note cards (never too many), gorgeous Cupcake Notebook (already been put to use and finally but not certainly least is a gorgeous handmade by Laura Faux Cupcake with a cute ring I won inside, I can not wait to move and put this pride of place.

Also did you notice the gorgeous handmade cupcake designed paper, that is one of Laura's own designs, make sure you check out her shop, I am going to use this later on this month in a frame so watch this space.

Cupcake Love to All, I hope you have had some sweet goodness this weekend.


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Supermarket Trumps

Well as most know, I live in Kent and unfortunately there is of yet no cupcakery's here :-(

So my cupcake fixes have to come from what bake, which time and skills are not always the right fix.

Friday night hubby, Grayson and I popped to Asda for a quick night time shop and there on the shelf were these cute looking cupcakes called 'My Cupcakes' I looked at Ashley and he said get them but after my many supermarket and high street cupcake tastes I was not so sure, after a minutes deliberation I thought you know what give a em a try they maybe worth it and do you know what they weren't half bad.

Unlike most cupcakes from supermarkets they were moist, they were very sweet and had lashings of topping, my only complaints were the berries inside were not very nice and the buttercream was a little too sweet but all in all they filled a fix.

So see if your Asda sells them, I mean they are not cupcakery level by no means but they were a bargain.

Cupcake Love

P.S. don't forget to check out last post on swap idea.
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