Monday, 28 December 2009

Cupcake Gifts

My New Kitchen Aid Mixer - Birthday Pressie

Hello All

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, mine has been a little hectic but all the same enjoyable.

Firstly I want to apologize (again) for my lack of attendance to my little cupcake blog, my son unfortunately is not getting any better, in fact of late worse, we thought we were going to be in hospital for Xmas but thankfully they let him out on the 23rd. So please bear with me, I have so much cupcake goodness going on in my life just very little time to share.

But on with some pictures, my birthday was a couple weeks before Xmas and I have been very fortunate to receive some awesome cupcake gifts for both occasions and I thought I would share a few if them with you.

Note board - New Look + Notebooks - Wilko
Cupcake Jar (centre) - Matalan + From Debenhams - sugar bowl and duster
Birthday goodies mainly from Next + Tea towels from Primark
Central Jar from Matalan + 2 money boxes New Look

From Tosphop - includes cases, piping kit and book
Primrose Cupcakery Book - yet to visit
Mugs - New Look and TK Maxx

Bargain Worktop Saver from Argos
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my goodies, did anyone else get some cupcake goodies I didn't cause I have some Christmas Money burning a hole.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

I finally got to Hummingbird's and....

forgot my Camera, can you believe it, it was all a bit last minute though.

My little Brother lives in London about 15 minutes from Hummingbird's, he needed a lift home so I offered and he said hey how about we stop and get some cupcakes, well you know me doesn't have to be said twice.

I treated myself and the DH to a box of 6, I got just the simple ones I suppose, 2 vanilla with choc frosting, 2 choc with vanilla frosting, a vanilla on vanilla and a red velvet.

I can honestly say they are the best prof. cupcakes I have tasted, very moist, I wasn't overly keen on the frosting it was a little dry but when I came to the red velvet I was in heaven, I have never had a Cream Cheese frosting before as I have always been put off but what a mistake it was amazing, so soft, sweet and gooey I am in love, I shall definitely be giving it a go at home.

Hummingbird's was a beautiful store their cakes looked awesome but I stopped at cupcakes, I shall defo be going back for not such a quick visit and next time I will remember the camera.

Pictures from my Iphone.


p.s Thanks to Ann for showing me the world of Hummingbird's, check out her blog for better piccys.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I went in for a storage box

and came out with these fab goodies.

Some say matalan is a dive I personally say (well for today anyway) they are the shop of god's.

In all fairness every time I go to Matalan I come out with some fab finds but this time is truly one of the best, Anthea Turner has done a lovely kitsch home range there for a while and I am always tempted to buy something pretty but am always very reserved - well this time it was all thrown out the window as she has bought a cupcake collection in and I had to have it.

I got these lovely Oven Mitts, (which I am afraid will never be used - lol) tea towels which also will not be used for there purpose, I am thinking of making the Blue one a piece of art and the full patterned one a plastic bag holder and lastly the gorgeous glasses, which not only have the loveliest Cupcake design but also little pink hearts, polka dots and hearts are my other great passion.

The whole lot only cost me £20 which I personally think is a bargain

Also got an email of Ditsy Daisies this past week saying she has got more cupcake goodies in so go check it out I will be and making a nice little (he he) Xmas list for the family.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Swapsies Anyone

Hi All,

Quick post, I received this awesome cupcake recipe book, but I already have it, its brand new and has lovely clear recipes, I wondered whether anyone else would like to swap something cupcake related for it, I don't mind what can be handmade or shop bought I thought it would just be nice for someone to get this as apposed to selling it on eBay.

Anyway let me know by leaving a comment.

Lots of Love

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Finally a post I hear you cry..

I already have this awesome bunting my sister bought as a gift, I just can't decided how to hang.

Hi All,

Well life has been pretty difficult for me, Grayson my little cupcake has been confirmed to be quite poorly, not life threatening or anything nasty like that but he has been registered disabled at 7 months old. But I am happy to have him here no matter what, he gives the best smiles and makes your heart melt....
Cute doorstop, I must have somewhere for this.

Talking of heart's melting, something else did that to me today, I found this great site through a google search Ditsy Daisies, it is totally awesome, does some great Kara gifts and then as I started searching I realised the lovely lady Sue who owns and runs the site is also a cupcake crazer like me,when I saw her about us description I knew we were kindred spirits "A very warm welcome from Ditsy Daisies. We are based in Cumbria 10 miles from the beautiful market town of Keswick in the Lake District.
I adore anything that is cupcakes related especially if it has polka dots and try to source as many different items as is possible "
And trust me she has lots of cupcake goodies for sale, I mean seriously there is something for all tastes, I have included just a mere few of the items she sells on her site, so go check it out, I have made about a 10 page list for DH to look at for birthday, Xmas or just cause (have to be just cause pressies) I am sure you will find a list too.
Great Cupcake magnet and tote bag, how nice would shopping be with this bag.

I am loving this car freshener I must get one of these, I have been looking for one for quite a while.

Thanks for popping by, don't forget to pop to Ditsy Daisies and say hi or even buy.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Today's Cupcake is... August Flickr Faves

Today's Cupcake is... August Flickr Faves
Originally uploaded by innocentcharmer

I know I know this is all I seem to post and for that I am truly sorry, but my life has been very hectic, my little cupcake who was born in January has been very poorly since then, finally now after a lot of back and forth they have found he has a bleed in his brain which is causing great developmental delay among other problems.
We are finally getting a more detailed MRI on the 7th in London so cross fingers they can get something moving to help my beautiful little cupcake.

So I have been making, baking and eating cupcakes, I do have piccy's to show and I promise I shall start posting more.

But here is a little taster of the goodies I have found on flickr already this month, I logged in on the 2nd and already there were 35 pages of uploads with the keyword of cupcake, we are taking over the world.

The top left shows an amazing Giant Cupcake baked by daniovertherainbow, go check her pictures for the step by step.

I love the little lego cupcake, lego is one of my fave toys.

The burp and bib set are adorable one day when I have a little girl I shall treat them to this.

The ATC is a total inspiration to me, its drawn with sharpies which I love and I thank stefanimak for allowing me to show it off.

Clair Louise a great new Etsy/Flickr Polymer Clay artist made these cute buttons, go check out her shop.

megan.chromik made these amazing ladybird cupcakes, I only hope that one day I can make such amazing cakes.

Click on the piccy's to get links if you want more details, take care all and cupcake love.


Thursday, 14 May 2009

May Flickr Fave's

I know we bypassed April and for that I am sorry, remember if you have something cupcake related you would like me to post about please do contact me, my email is

Anyway my May Flickr Fave's and there are some lovely piccy's this month and through them I have met some talented people.

Top Left Corner - Cute Cupcake Onsie Handmade and gorgeous from Prasti, I am sure she does sell these but of this I am not sure, but if you go to her Flickr you will see some gorgeous works.

Top Right Corner - Now I am defo in the need for this, hopefully I shall be able to get one shortly, how cute is this cupcake scarf and what incredible talent, this come from Sleepyeve and she does have a blog so go check it out.

Bottom Left Corner - BustyBaker that's this ladies flickr name and I think its awesome, much like these amazing cupcakes she makes, she calls these Neapolitan cupcakes and I was licking the computer screen in the hope I could taste them, once again as I type this I am drooling at the mouth. She also sent me a lovely email telling me her great blog addy so make sure you pop in and say hi.

Bottom Right Corner - Now when I saw this pincushion from Bekehjan I was super jealous of her Mom, what a fab gift, all I have is one of those plastic pincushions so this would be a fab cupcake improvement for my sewing box, what a lovely gift to give your mom. Rebekah also has a lovely blog which has a link to her shop so be sure to check this linky too.

And I was so taken aback I had to add 2 more..

When I saw the HK inspired Cupcakes you know they had to be featured I mean HK and Cupcakes 2 of my all time favourite things. these were made my Coco Cake Cupcakes this Cupcake Queen really knows how to make amazing cakes, check out her profile for all her contact details.

And last and by no means least I found this Brownie Bite Cupcakes, wow Brownies and Cupcakes in one Heaven and look how pretty with fresh Strawberry's, oh I do love a strawberry, this picture comes from Kellbakes this lady is a ceramic artist super jealous but does baking as a hobby, I wished I baked like this. Go check out her mini apple pies they are too cute.

So a few links for you to check out, some inspiration I hope and maybe some new friends to meet through the wonderful world of Flickr and Blogs.

Update on Grayson front, I have just this second had a phone call with an appointment date of 27th May for us to go to London to see the Neuro Dept. so fingers crossed finally some answers.

Love to All.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sister's make the best Cupcake Collector's

Shannon last month with Grayson
My little Sister is such a sweetie, she came to visit Saturday and arrived with this gorgeous mug for my obsession oops I mean collection. It is so cute and a fab size, it was a steal for £2.00 from Next and for any Cupcake collector I think you should run out and buy it now.

So thanks little sister. it really cheered me up.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cupcake Packages Tied up with String

These are a few of my favourite things.

Sorry one of my fave films, so I just had to use it as a title and cupcake it up a little.

Isn't the package gorgeous, I am such a lucky girl, my BBF Laura and I do a Cupcake Art Journal back and forth to each other well when I opened up my parcel this week she had sent me some gorgeous cupcake goodies just cause, true friendship is when a friend does these things just cause and I count Laura as one of mine.

She sent me this great Cupcake Noughts and Crosses, Gray and I are going to love this, Cupcake Note cards (never too many), gorgeous Cupcake Notebook (already been put to use and finally but not certainly least is a gorgeous handmade by Laura Faux Cupcake with a cute ring I won inside, I can not wait to move and put this pride of place.

Also did you notice the gorgeous handmade cupcake designed paper, that is one of Laura's own designs, make sure you check out her shop, I am going to use this later on this month in a frame so watch this space.

Cupcake Love to All, I hope you have had some sweet goodness this weekend.


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Supermarket Trumps

Well as most know, I live in Kent and unfortunately there is of yet no cupcakery's here :-(

So my cupcake fixes have to come from what bake, which time and skills are not always the right fix.

Friday night hubby, Grayson and I popped to Asda for a quick night time shop and there on the shelf were these cute looking cupcakes called 'My Cupcakes' I looked at Ashley and he said get them but after my many supermarket and high street cupcake tastes I was not so sure, after a minutes deliberation I thought you know what give a em a try they maybe worth it and do you know what they weren't half bad.

Unlike most cupcakes from supermarkets they were moist, they were very sweet and had lashings of topping, my only complaints were the berries inside were not very nice and the buttercream was a little too sweet but all in all they filled a fix.

So see if your Asda sells them, I mean they are not cupcakery level by no means but they were a bargain.

Cupcake Love

P.S. don't forget to check out last post on swap idea.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Crafting Cupcakes one step at a time

Some of you may or may not know that I am a crafter, paper crafts, jewellery, polymer clay, ATC's I have taken my hand to many. When I got very poorly during pregnancy my crafting nearly halted altogether and since having Grayson I have still not had much opportunity, this has sadden me a little as I really do enjoy it.

So this month I joined a couple of swaps through Swap-bot to make myself craft, the other day I sat down for a whole 1 hour and a half and played and it was real fun. I mean it ain't much to say the least I am certainly no artist but it allowed me to relax and let off steam.

The first swap was a Cupcake ATC swap, one cupcake themed ATC for 1 partner, I have actually made 2, one for my partner and one for swap host. The ribbon ATC's are one of my old faves but I included some cupcake ribbon this time.

The second swap was a cupcake goodie bag, which you could decorate, I did with 3 cupcake related items in and if possible tailored to your partners likes. I actually included 5, Cupcake Napkins (a great accessory for any kitchen), cupcake ribbon, vintage cupcake cases, cupcake lip gloss and a yankee vanilla buttercream cupcake candle. I would be happy to receive this, how about you ?

On that subject I was wondering if there is any interest I was thinking of doing a similar swap, you pack 3 items in an envie for your partner, doesn't have to be decorated, they can be anything cupcake related from baking them to wearing them for a total budget of £6.00, so we can all afford, just something to cheer us up in these dyre financial times, post whether you are interested and hopefully if we get a few people I shall host the swap through my blog.

Anyway I have plenty more to post about, sorry for the delay Grayson is still no better so it has been a nightmare, he is back to hospital on Thursday to be reevaluated and more results, I am thinking they will admit him again. Cross fingers they can help him this time.

Cupcake Goodness to all.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Belated Happy Cupcake-tastic Easter

Happy Easter to All, I hope you all had fun and got to enjoy some Cupcake magic as well as chocolate, well luckily I did.

It started off for me on Saturday getting my Easter Pressie from my MIL and SIL, they felt I needed super cheering up after a bad couple of weeks, so off they went to Debenham's and treated me to the Awesome Cupcake Teapot which is part of my Cookie Jar collection that I have wanted forever - woohoo Anne I finally have it.

Then on Easter Sunday my gorgeous little Gray Gray awoke me to some yummy M&S chocolate and finally the 'Pixie' Cupcake Momiji doll, man my son is awesome he knows just how to make his Mommy smile.

After all this Cupcake love coming my way I felt it only fair that I should make some Cupcakes to take to my cousin's at our annual Easter Gathering so I jumped to it and quickly whipped up a batch of Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting (tinted yellow for Easter of course) I must say I was a little disappointed, my usual soft cupcakes came out a little dry but everyone seemed to love them and they were all gone within an hour.

I put some sweeties on top for the kiddies and the others I quickly decorated for Easter, with Easter Egg and Hot Cross Bun designs, next year I am going to plan in advance and go all out.

So I hope you all had some Cupcake Easter Bank Holiday fun ?



Monday, 13 April 2009

Cupcake Smiles were needed

Bottom Right Piccy is Grayson getting high on his Oxygen - lol

Sorry I haven't been around but my life has been very difficult in the past 2 weeks, on Thursday 2nd April after a few poorly days for Grayson we headed off to clinic to get his weekly weight check (as unlike his Mommy he is underweight) whilst I was there long story short Gray went Blue, floppy and near enough stopped breathing an ambulance was called and he was put on Oxygen and rushed to hospital. After a week long stay for us in the hospital, 20 sets of Bloods, MRI, EEG, Oxygen, Med's and more doctors then you can imagine we are finally home, no one is quite sure what happened but he is doing a lot better, he is still not right and has to go back several more times and due to problems on his MRI all his test results have been sent to London to a specialist to be looked at, we are not sure what will happen, obviously we hope that everything is fine but I know if they do come back with some of the things they are saying I shall never love Grayson any less.

So anywho onto the cupcakes, well to cheer me up in the hospital my lovely Hubby one more brought this in for me, aren't they adorable, along with the lovely cupcake cookie jar range Debenhams have brought out some more Cupcake goodies, including this lovely Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl. I love the fact they are so different to the other stuff they do, they are more delicate.

Well there is other Easter Cupcake goodness to tell you about but I shall post that tomorrow, want to get back to my regular updates if I can.


P.S don't you think hospitals should have Internet for us poor people that have to pretty much live there.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Uh Oh - No Space Left

Uh Oh - No Space Left
Originally uploaded by innocentcharmer

Seriously, I do not have a large Kitchen but how could I walk past this and ignore it, I mean it was screaming to me and lets be honest its a smaller version of my other Cupcake Cookie Jar so it needed to be with its sister - lol, well that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Now I just have to sneak the matching Teapot in, ummm, families should stick together shouldn't they, well that's what I am going to tell the hubby.


P.S. Its from a line of Cupcake Greatness at Debenhams - go check it out

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cupcakery's Rock

This post is a little late coming, some might remember my post just over a month ago which showed my dear friend Anne of I Heart Cupcakes helped me with some Cupcakery addresses for my trip to London.

Well unfortunately due to the tube's all being shut on my trip we only managed to get to one Cucpcakery 'Buttercup' it was the cutest little shop, the staff were so warm and welcoming and they just smiled sweetly at me as I took pictures, I think they thought I was a little mad.

So here are my piccy's we bought Banana Splits and Red Velvet as these were my first Cupcakery Cupcakes in England I of course thought they were very yummy, but I shall compare them over the next year as the hubby and I take a tour of the country to find more Cupcakery's.

So people if you ever heard to London, Near Harrods then head to Buttercup its a must.
I have got something else to show you from the trip that I got from Harrods, its super cute and cupcake related but I have not taken a piccy so watch this space.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cupcakes - For Mommy's

I have been a bad blogger but my little cupcake has been poorly again, but here I am.

For those of you who don't know on Sunday just gone it was Mother's Day in the UK and this was my first. To celebrate I baked Cupcakes, I mean nothing to adventurous just some plain Vanilla with tinted yellow frosting, I tried doing some piping but as you can see not very successful so then I just plain frosted some and put MOM across them for my Mommy.

My little boy gave me some great cards and gifts including the one on the left cause he knows I love cupcakes, the one on the right was made for me by my Mom and the Vanilla Cupcake Candle my sister gave me and it smells heavenly.

So I hope you all had a lovely Mother's day and got some cupcake treats.
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