Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I went in for a storage box

and came out with these fab goodies.

Some say matalan is a dive I personally say (well for today anyway) they are the shop of god's.

In all fairness every time I go to Matalan I come out with some fab finds but this time is truly one of the best, Anthea Turner has done a lovely kitsch home range there for a while and I am always tempted to buy something pretty but am always very reserved - well this time it was all thrown out the window as she has bought a cupcake collection in and I had to have it.

I got these lovely Oven Mitts, (which I am afraid will never be used - lol) tea towels which also will not be used for there purpose, I am thinking of making the Blue one a piece of art and the full patterned one a plastic bag holder and lastly the gorgeous glasses, which not only have the loveliest Cupcake design but also little pink hearts, polka dots and hearts are my other great passion.

The whole lot only cost me £20 which I personally think is a bargain

Also got an email of Ditsy Daisies this past week saying she has got more cupcake goodies in so go check it out I will be and making a nice little (he he) Xmas list for the family.


Hey Cupcake, what do ya think ?

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