Thursday, 27 August 2009

Finally a post I hear you cry..

I already have this awesome bunting my sister bought as a gift, I just can't decided how to hang.

Hi All,

Well life has been pretty difficult for me, Grayson my little cupcake has been confirmed to be quite poorly, not life threatening or anything nasty like that but he has been registered disabled at 7 months old. But I am happy to have him here no matter what, he gives the best smiles and makes your heart melt....
Cute doorstop, I must have somewhere for this.

Talking of heart's melting, something else did that to me today, I found this great site through a google search Ditsy Daisies, it is totally awesome, does some great Kara gifts and then as I started searching I realised the lovely lady Sue who owns and runs the site is also a cupcake crazer like me,when I saw her about us description I knew we were kindred spirits "A very warm welcome from Ditsy Daisies. We are based in Cumbria 10 miles from the beautiful market town of Keswick in the Lake District.
I adore anything that is cupcakes related especially if it has polka dots and try to source as many different items as is possible "
And trust me she has lots of cupcake goodies for sale, I mean seriously there is something for all tastes, I have included just a mere few of the items she sells on her site, so go check it out, I have made about a 10 page list for DH to look at for birthday, Xmas or just cause (have to be just cause pressies) I am sure you will find a list too.
Great Cupcake magnet and tote bag, how nice would shopping be with this bag.

I am loving this car freshener I must get one of these, I have been looking for one for quite a while.

Thanks for popping by, don't forget to pop to Ditsy Daisies and say hi or even buy.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Today's Cupcake is... August Flickr Faves

Today's Cupcake is... August Flickr Faves
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I know I know this is all I seem to post and for that I am truly sorry, but my life has been very hectic, my little cupcake who was born in January has been very poorly since then, finally now after a lot of back and forth they have found he has a bleed in his brain which is causing great developmental delay among other problems.
We are finally getting a more detailed MRI on the 7th in London so cross fingers they can get something moving to help my beautiful little cupcake.

So I have been making, baking and eating cupcakes, I do have piccy's to show and I promise I shall start posting more.

But here is a little taster of the goodies I have found on flickr already this month, I logged in on the 2nd and already there were 35 pages of uploads with the keyword of cupcake, we are taking over the world.

The top left shows an amazing Giant Cupcake baked by daniovertherainbow, go check her pictures for the step by step.

I love the little lego cupcake, lego is one of my fave toys.

The burp and bib set are adorable one day when I have a little girl I shall treat them to this.

The ATC is a total inspiration to me, its drawn with sharpies which I love and I thank stefanimak for allowing me to show it off.

Clair Louise a great new Etsy/Flickr Polymer Clay artist made these cute buttons, go check out her shop.

megan.chromik made these amazing ladybird cupcakes, I only hope that one day I can make such amazing cakes.

Click on the piccy's to get links if you want more details, take care all and cupcake love.


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