Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Get your Groceries and a Treat

Now many of you may know I am a huge shopping fan and even that of the weekly food shop but because of time and financial restraints my food shop has become a thing of the past and I now use Tesco Online and pick my favourites and just buy, I can't complain cause this is not a luxury we had as much as 3 years ago but with the Online Favourite Shop you do not get to walk around and see all the new goodies Tesco (or your local) has to offer, well this week I had a treat, Sunday I got to go to Tesco, although I must say with a groan, as I was super tired and full of cold. But once I walked into Tesco my life got much better, as I was met with not 1, not 2 but a whole host of Cupcake Goodies to start collecting. I was over the moon and it brought a smile to my face (some may say this is sad).

I was a good girl and only bought 3 items (financial restraints as I mentioned) but I thought to myself its ok I will get myself a piece a week, then it hit me we do online shopping, so you must have heard my jumps for joy across Britain once I got home as much to my sheer pleasure I find Tesco have put the line Online for me to buy with my weekly groceries - I LOVE YOU TESCO.

You can go to Tesco to check them out but as of yet they do not have pictures up :-( but here I have included a piccy of my 3 goodies, 2 melamine bowls and a tray, the whole line is identical.

I thought I would list what I remember they had for those that are interested...
Worktop Saver,
Plastic Mat,
2 Tins.

Hope all are well and don't forget folks, if you have anything Cupcake related you would like me to blog about please feel free to email me, I am always on the look out for a new interesting post.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

March 2010 Flickr Handmade Faves

Today's Cupcake Is... March 2010 Flickr Handmade Faves
Originally uploaded by innocentcharmer

I thought my Flickr Fave's this month would have a twist, many of you know I make and craft and still when I can sell my wares.

I am also a fan of buying handmade (although not as much as I like) and have handmade wares around my home.

So today my Flickr Fave's are also all handmade and some I believe are even for sale if they take your fancy, just click on the flickr links.

I love the ring in the top corner, its very rare you see Silver jewellery Cupcake inspired.

My friend Jenny made the great pendant Necklaces below, I have a gorgeous custom piece of her art and feel very blessed.

Mickey Mouse and Disney were for sure going to get in there as I and Grayson are huge fans.

I hope you are all well, my Cupcake Baking has been at an all time low of late but I am hoping Easter will be a great occasion for me to bake.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Growing Cupcakes

I popped by GMTV's website today and was so pleased to see Cupcake inspired gifts for Mother's.

I see the world has finally started answering my call.

They had the usual Cupcake gifts but then I cam across the 2 cutest things I have seen in a while.

Is there any Green Fingers reading, well lookie here.

Aren't they cute, I of course especially love the Teacup set as I am a massive fan anyway.

I hinted to Ashley, but I think he and Grayson may have already got me a host of goodies.

Exclusively for You also has some other lovely gifts, they have been added to my favourite bar and I am sure they will yours too.

Off out all weekend, not Cupcake related but hoping one will crop up somewhere.

Have a lovely weekend.

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