Saturday, 21 February 2009

Thanks for the Cupcakes

Two of my amazing blog friends have some inspiring Cupcake Posts over the past 2 days and I had to show them.

Firstly the awesome and super talented Laura of Katydiddy designs made the coolest cupcakes ever, especially for movie night, Popcorn Cupcakes, go to her blog and take a look and let her know how great they are.

Then my cupcake friend (realise I don't know you real name sorry :-<) from 'I Heart Cupcakes' did me a super huge favour, as she lives in London where I am visiting next weekend, I asked her if she knew any good cupcake bakeries near Knightsbridge in London and she replied with a whole post on her blog on a Cupcake Bakery tour of Knightsbridge, the kindness is inspiring, thanks so much and I can't wait to visit them and post my own piccys in a couple of weeks.

Love to all and hope your weekend is cupcake and fun filled.



  1. Those popcorn cupcakes are seriously too cute :)

  2. Oh gosh I'm so lame at never leaving my name anywhere ...sorry!!
    Hope by the time you're reading this you've had a great weekend in London and some yummy cupcakes!
    Anne (its me!)


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