Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Amazon Sells More than just Books

Great Trucker Hat (available in many colours) * Cupcake Building Toys * Silicone Cupcake Trivet *Cupcake Tea Set * Cupcake Doggy Cushion * Cupcake Light Plaque
Once upon a time Amazon sold just books and DVD's and although this was fab and helped immensely in fueling my cupcake love it now is 100 % better, cause now Amazon sells so much more, below I have shown just a small collection of my favourite Cupcake goodies to be found on the wonderful world of Amazon.
So if you do one thing today spoil yourself Amazon sells cupcakes goodies from £1 to £100.
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  1. I LOOOOVE the dog bed! I think both my dogs need/want one! Ha!

  2. Man, you are costing me so much trying to keep up with all those fabulous cupcake the way, I'm still waiting on my cupcake bracelet, but scored some cool cupcake stamps, and paper...which I desperately wanted and needed....Love your back later.

  3. Hello favorite cupcake:) Left you something on my blog!


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