Thursday, 19 February 2009

A bit of this, A bit of That

There is so much I want to show you today, but time is short so I will show a little and pop back later.

Firstly a few weeks ago I told you about a Cupcake ATC swap I was doing, well here is the piccy's firstly of mine sent out and then the great ATC I received. This was my first sort of 3D ATC, it was also me playing with my Sharpies on the sofa, I am no artist but I was quite pleased with the outcome.

Now on another note not cupcake I was tagged by the lovely Kyla (thanks you are so sweet) Its called the'Bag Tag' so me being a bag addict thinks this totally rocks.

So her are the Rules:
1. Post a picture of the bag/purse/handbag/pocketbook that you are carrying! Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting that cute little clutch that you carried before you had children or the last time you went out.

2. Tell us how much it cost! I know what you are thinking - a girl never discusses matters of money. Well, yes, but today we are gonna break that rule and tell! Yes, tell how much it cost. We won't judge! This is for entertainment purposes only. And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it.

3. Tag some other girls. It will be fun to see what everybody else posts :-)

The Handbag I have shown I have been using for the past week, I change my bags alot, I must have in excess of 40 but some are over 10 years old. This one my hubby bought me for my birthday last year from Accesorize, I carry alot as you can see including...

My 2 Phones
Cath Kidston Purse and Medicine/First Aid Bag
Handmade Zip purse with contents such as Tape Measure/Nail File etc
Nintendo DS
Lipsticks and Cath Kidston Lip Balm
Passport - As I went on a trip to Belgium and France
Strawberry Postcard to be framed (UK hate giving bags out now)
Now for tagging others
I hope you all don't mind and can't wait to see your bags.
P.S. Here is the piccy of the valentine cupcakes my little sis got me aren't they cute.


  1. Your bag is so cute-- and oh my gosh, you have so much in there! Ha!

    I love the ATC's.. have you ever heard of You can sign up there to do swaps of all kinds with people, and it's a lot of fun:)

  2. Measuring tape? First aid kit? Passport?! Loving the Cath Kidston goodies :o)
    I don't normally do these tags, but I like this one so I'll have a go and I'll let you know when (and if!) I post it on my blog. I reeeeally like your bag. I need to get a good one - I have so many 'alright' ones but I need a really good bag. Maybe doing this will inspire me to get one!

  3. Guess what I've been doing today? Photographing things in my handbag! I don't know when I'll actually get round to doing the blog post but I'm halfway there!


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