Monday, 9 February 2009

Gifts and around my home

As I am sure you are all aware I have a love for cupcakes especially in my home decor in particular my Kitchen, well my gorgeous Hubby arrived home today with a gorgeous gift for me, take a look....

That's it ladies a lovely glass Cupcake worktop saver, its yummy and the cupcakes are too cute, another great find by Cupcake Hubby for my Kitchen, he found it in Morrisons Supermarket and says there are other items too, mmm know where I maybe going next week lol.

While I was taking a piccy to share with you cupcakes queens, I thought I would take some pictures of other cupcakes cuteness from my Kitchen. One day I will go round my home and take pictures of all the cupcake treats in my home, but for now he is a taste.



  1. Great photos, I can't wait to see more...come visit me....I LOVE cupcakes.

  2. I shall have to pop to Morrisons - not that I need another cupcake worktop saver (I already have unused from Morrisons!) but I feel I simply MUST go!

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