Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Heart Cupcakes has the best links

As I popped by the wonderful 'I Heart Cupcakes' blog today I found this awesome link to a Indie Shop-Shana Logic that sells some super cute items but more important some super cute cupcake items, I just want actually rephrase NEED them all, take note hubby - lol.

So go check out the shop I am sure there is something you will want and whilst you are surfing check out my friends blog as she finds the best cupcake news.

P.S I was naughty and bought more cupcake goodies yesterday, so be back soon with some pictures. x


  1. Oh how cute, I'm dying for that shirt!!!

    And P.S., I am tagging you for the Bag Tag b/c I only did four girls b/c I didn't know who else hadn't done it- so Miss Kara I TAG YOU!

  2. I love the cupcake bracelet so much I ordered it before I could change my mind...
    Thank you so much for feeding my cupcake I'm off to make chocolate cake with cherry filling for tonight...

  3. Thanks for the mention and the tag - I promise I'll do it tomorrow or Sunday! My handbag is actually in the bedroom right now and Mannys busy in there rehearsing for his debut with his new band tomorrow!


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