Friday, 20 February 2009

Oh I could not stop myself

Now some of you may not know this but I have 2 obsessions in life (well actually loads but these 2 matter now) SHOPPING and CUPCAKES so over the past couple shopping trips I have been able to help both of these, so I thought I would show my goodies.

Firstly I went into Debenhams (a British Department store) to just take a peek at there cupcake range and I saw this kitchen timer, well I need a timer, so I thought oh I will have to buy it as it was a need not a want - lol.

I also saw these cute little shorts and thought hey anything with cupcakes will look cute no matter the size of the tosh. The cards I have bought for ART, this is something I have done for years since having my first house with not a lot of funds, I buy gift cards I like the print on and then put them in frames etc, so these 2 cupcake cards could not be passed up, once there up in the kitchen I shall show you again.

Lastly I was so happy when I went to get some of my usual magazines and found Good Homes and Crafts Beautiful both featuring Cupcakes and even some cupcake decorative papers, so all in all my shopping week has rocked and total cost for the lot under £30, no complaints.

See you tomorrow - cupcake dreams.


  1. Ohhh my gosh. I need.that.timer.!!! Love it :)

    I'm going to have to post more pictures of my kitchen (i did once, but dont want to dig thru the archives) so we can admire one another's!! hahah!

  2. That's a good days shopping!! I got the old cupcake timer from Debenhams but its stopped working so I may have to get this one too :)

    Am just going to post you a reply about cupcake places for you to go next weekend!


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