Sunday, 8 February 2009

Apologies all, there I was promising daily Cupcake Goodness and I disappear for nearly 2 weeks, this was not intentional but between my little cupcake getting poorly and I contracted a 4 day stint of food poisoning it has been hell here, but I am feeling better, Grayson is halfway there so hopefully I can finally get into a rhythm.

Just a quick post today, I came across this when a lady entered my OWOH heart giveaway at Innocent Charms Chats and I thought OMG this is so perfect.

Lets find out what type of Cupcake we all are

Just click on my result to take the quiz.

Its a very simple quiz of 6 questions, I love doing things like this, I am not sure if everyone would agree with my result but I am super nice.
This great quiz was created by Lots of Sprinkles, I am off to check out her blog now and say thanks, don't forget to let me know your results, I really want to know.

Love to all and thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi Kara, Hope you are feeling better now... Thanks so much for featuring my blog and doing the quiz :)


  2. I'm a brainy cupcake. What a nerd I am! What's wrong with our little Duke?


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