Saturday, 28 February 2009

Smiles from Cupcakes

well of the blog variety, since starting my Cupcake Blog a month ago I have made some great Cupcake-tastic Blog girly's and when I got back from London (watch for post tomorrow) I found the awesome and sweet Kyla of Hello Cupcake had left me this Blog Award, how gorgeous is she, we have only been chatting a few weeks so it really made me feel great inside.

So thanks Kyla and lets pass that feeling on....

Laura of KatyDiddy

Christine of My Bella Colle

Nikki of WhiMSy Love

Anne of I Heart Cupcakes


Pippa of Pippa's Arty Life

So don't forget to pop by tomorrow to see my London Cupcake xxx


  1. Thanks Kara :)

    Annnd I CANNOT wait to hear about London and see all the pictures!! How jealous am I!

  2. Thanks Kara!!

    And OH MY GOSH----Your blog background is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Kara - hope you had a great time in London! Can't wait to see what you bought!I meant to say I spotted some cupcake bits in Baby Gap the other day!

  4. Well now... isn't this the cutest blog.?!!
    You are such a sweety!! After a really yucky day.. I come home and see your special email..thanks so much darlin'!!
    Thank you for thinkin' I'm means so much..

  5. So many cupcakes and so little time. Just discovered your blog compliments of MyBellaColle and how sweet it is! I make darling little felt cupcakes that I sell at my shop and on etsy. I have a "thing" for fake food. It's everywhere in the house with cupcakes my favorite. Just received a Pier One catalogue and they have some cute ones for Spring priced at $3.95. I gotta get me some of them.

    Colleen at Brissonte


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