Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Iridescent cupcakes - Art by Lefleurpixie

Iridescent cupcakes
Originally uploaded by lefleurpixie

A gorgeous piece of Art one of my lovely Flickr Buddies upload this week, I was so impressed at the gorgeousness of it I thought I must share as I am sure there is a cupcake follower that needs this (I know I do I just have spent all my pocket money :-<).
Here is a link to her blog where she has also posted on this gorgeous piece of Art, go check it out.

Cupcake Love


  1. Saw this and thought of you:

  2. Hey :) I found your blog when I was looking at Flickr for pictures of cupcakes! I love the tea kettle you had in yours... I posted a link of some pictures of mine
    Hope to talk to you soon!

  3. I love your cupcake blog. You left a note on my blog after I entered your OWOH. I book marked so I can come back and see what your are up to. I'm also checking out the swap blog you talked about in your ATC post. I have never done ATCs but want to start.

    Cupcakes Rule!!!!


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