Tuesday, 20 January 2009

One for me, One for Grayson

Aren't they cute, I could not believe it when I stumbled on this lovely lady Sarah's cupcake blog and found her to be selling these gorgeous Tee designs and matching onesies. I decided that's it when I get paid this week Grayson and I are going to be rockin cupcakes, there are so many designs and styles you must take a look, plus she has added extras of mugs, mouse mats and a whole host of other goodies, make sure you visit her store and blog.

Watch this space cause when Gray and I have ours I shall be posting a yummy picture.
Love to you all.




  1. Hi there, have you visited "Cakespy" it's got some fabulous art work...and here's my link to my little Barbie diorama featuring her original cupcake outfit, and lots of cakes..


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