Thursday, 22 January 2009

Martha Stewart Rocks Cupcakes

Martha Stewart is just so awesome, she does the greatest craft projects/supplies and her recipes are so yummy,well this month she has exceeded everything and dedicated her "Living" Magazine to Cupcakes, how perfect.

I have enclosed a couple of piccy's from her website to show off the gorgeousness, it is easy to pick up the magazine in the USA but I am finding it hard to find the Mag for sale in the UK, supposedly it maybe available at Border's stores unfortunately for me there are none close, but I have asked my blogger babes to see if one can send me a copy from the US.
So girls go out and show your support to Martha's Cupcake Special, there are some fab recipes and designs to try out.

photos courtsey of

Love to all.



  1. I've seen the magazine cover, but didn't look at I'll have to...made cookies last night, yummy!!

  2. You don't have a Borders store?! How do you LIVE? We've got one. I could have a look for the magazine for you?


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