Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cupcakery's Rock

This post is a little late coming, some might remember my post just over a month ago which showed my dear friend Anne of I Heart Cupcakes helped me with some Cupcakery addresses for my trip to London.

Well unfortunately due to the tube's all being shut on my trip we only managed to get to one Cucpcakery 'Buttercup' it was the cutest little shop, the staff were so warm and welcoming and they just smiled sweetly at me as I took pictures, I think they thought I was a little mad.

So here are my piccy's we bought Banana Splits and Red Velvet as these were my first Cupcakery Cupcakes in England I of course thought they were very yummy, but I shall compare them over the next year as the hubby and I take a tour of the country to find more Cupcakery's.

So people if you ever heard to London, Near Harrods then head to Buttercup its a must.
I have got something else to show you from the trip that I got from Harrods, its super cute and cupcake related but I have not taken a piccy so watch this space.



  1. Oh my gosh, I wish I was in London!!! Everything looks delicious :)

    Can't wait to see what you got!

  2. Buttercup is one of the first cupcakerys I visited and it's really cute and their cupcakes are some of the best :) Their vanilla cupcake is one of the most flavoursome and I adore the banana one! Must try their sticky toffee pudding one sometime as it sounds rather delish,
    Glad you enjoyed your visit!


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