Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cupcake Packages Tied up with String

These are a few of my favourite things.

Sorry one of my fave films, so I just had to use it as a title and cupcake it up a little.

Isn't the package gorgeous, I am such a lucky girl, my BBF Laura and I do a Cupcake Art Journal back and forth to each other well when I opened up my parcel this week she had sent me some gorgeous cupcake goodies just cause, true friendship is when a friend does these things just cause and I count Laura as one of mine.

She sent me this great Cupcake Noughts and Crosses, Gray and I are going to love this, Cupcake Note cards (never too many), gorgeous Cupcake Notebook (already been put to use and finally but not certainly least is a gorgeous handmade by Laura Faux Cupcake with a cute ring I won inside, I can not wait to move and put this pride of place.

Also did you notice the gorgeous handmade cupcake designed paper, that is one of Laura's own designs, make sure you check out her shop, I am going to use this later on this month in a frame so watch this space.

Cupcake Love to All, I hope you have had some sweet goodness this weekend.



Hey Cupcake, what do ya think ?

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