Monday, 28 December 2009

Cupcake Gifts

My New Kitchen Aid Mixer - Birthday Pressie

Hello All

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, mine has been a little hectic but all the same enjoyable.

Firstly I want to apologize (again) for my lack of attendance to my little cupcake blog, my son unfortunately is not getting any better, in fact of late worse, we thought we were going to be in hospital for Xmas but thankfully they let him out on the 23rd. So please bear with me, I have so much cupcake goodness going on in my life just very little time to share.

But on with some pictures, my birthday was a couple weeks before Xmas and I have been very fortunate to receive some awesome cupcake gifts for both occasions and I thought I would share a few if them with you.

Note board - New Look + Notebooks - Wilko
Cupcake Jar (centre) - Matalan + From Debenhams - sugar bowl and duster
Birthday goodies mainly from Next + Tea towels from Primark
Central Jar from Matalan + 2 money boxes New Look

From Tosphop - includes cases, piping kit and book
Primrose Cupcakery Book - yet to visit
Mugs - New Look and TK Maxx

Bargain Worktop Saver from Argos
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my goodies, did anyone else get some cupcake goodies I didn't cause I have some Christmas Money burning a hole.



  1. Fabulous gifts! Merry Christmas to you, x

  2. I'm DYING for those big cupcake jars and the mugs!!! OMG, so cuuuuute!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear its not been the best time for you - I always think of you and your family and hope you're well!

    Now can I just say how JEALOUS I am of the Kitchenaid? Seriously JEALOUS! In NY Manny had to drag me out of Williams Sonoma as they had the pink one and I WANTED it!

    You got some great cupcake gifts and I'm glad you all got to spend it together. I hope everything gets better for you all in 2010 xx


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