Monday, 31 May 2010

What's Up Cupcake ?

On Saturday the Hubby, Grayson and I took a walk in Whitstable and browsed a few shops of course.

I had heard on the grapevine that we finally had a Cupcakery in Whitstable in Kent, so I made it my mission to find it and finally at about 4pm soaking wet from the rain we walked up to this adorable Green and Pink shop front and there is was....

The window was full of gorgeous Cupcake gift items (which they sell) and had such a lovely feel. I walked into a gorgeous little pretty shop with Cupcake Trinkets all around and then a lovely counter with Cupcakes. The shop was very busy and there were only a handful of Cupcakes left (obviously a good day) so I quickly snapped up the last 2 Vanilla Cupcakes before someone else could.

The staff were in beautiful matching uniforms and wrapped our cupcakes so diligently, if the store had not been so busy I honestly would have taken piccys and had a chat as it is gorgeous inside.

Ashley and I waited till we got home to try our Cupcakes and I must say they were scrummy, the cake was incredibly moist and dense as I love my cupcakes a real bite and with the little Jazzies on top they had just the right amount of decoration.

I can honestly say I shall be re-visiting, not only to try and get another flavour but also to get some piccy's for you all too see.

So please people if you are ever local to Whitstable, go visit What's Up Cupcake, as it is so lovely to finally have our very own Kentish Cupcakery.



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