Friday, 1 April 2011

Ella's Bakehouse - Covent Garden

Well I headed off to London Town this past weekend to pay a little visit to my baby brother and as usual he knew it would be a sin not to find me at least 1 cupcake to try.

He has in the past taken me to Hummingbird and Buttercup, so the mission was on as we couldn't travel too far as we had Grayson (my little cupcake) with us.

We headed to Covent Garden to show my Mom around the Sunday market and to show my sweet tooth to Ella's Bakehouse.

Website Bio for Ella's Bakehouse....

"These are not just cupcakes, these are Ella’s bakehouse cupcakes made in London town by Lorraine Pascale and her merry band of highly skilled Cakers.

But what makes these cakes so darn special I hear your cry? Using mainly British ingredients the sponge is brushed with a light vanilla sugar syrup to make the cupcakes extra tasty and super-duper moist for added sensory pleasure."

The queue was out the door and the little tables and chairs out front were full to the brim, it was already well into the afternoon so I was a little worried about choice but how wrong was I to worry, they had ample choice and well stocked which for me was the first big tick.

The lady behind the counter was super sweet and polite and very efficient, tick 2.

The store was decorated very cutely and had a little kitsch vibe which we all know I am super fond of, so tick 3.

I chose to only indulge in 1 cupcake for myself and one for my hubby ( don't ask me why, great regret) obviously I always usually go for a Red Velvet, being I can never bake them right but I was in total surprise when I saw their couture flavour of Malteaser. !Yummy!
One of my favourite sweets/chocolate ever, so I am afraid Mr.Red Velvet as beautiful as he looked was pushed aside.

The cakes were decorated beautifully, not too much decoration as a cupcakery cupcake shouldn't have in my opinion, very tasteful with a sparkle of glitter for that great girly-ness.

I bought the hubby a Banoffee Cupcake, which when telling him outside the store I got a large glare for as he hadn't also wanted a Malteaser - oops. But I can honestly say he was not disappointed, he loved it, we both agreed our cakes were super moist a real tick for us and there was lashings of buttercream (a little too much for me but that's cause I am fussy).

I would have liked a little more crushed Malteaser in mine but by no means is this a criticism more of me being a greedy sweet tooth for Malteasers.

My mom also bought the Raspberry and Lemon ( I am sure that was the flavour) and said it was incredibly good, she equally agreed one of the moistest cupcakes she had eaten.

The other thing I loved about the Ella's bakehouse experience which shall make me return is the fact they box your cakes (no order to small) which for a person travelling back to Kent is a HUGE tick.

So all in all, I was over the moon, I just wish they were around the corner from me, I shall be going back for sure and more than 2 little cupcakes shall be leaving the shelves next time.

If you are ever in Covent Garden to pop by to Ella's Bakehouse and maybe check out the www as they do deliver.


  1. this place surely must have been your idea of total heaven!!

  2. Love the fact that you have a whole blog devoted to cupcakes. Made my day!

  3. You dropped by my blog for Silent Sunday and I have found your quite literally scrummy blog! I don't make cakes much but I must admit my interest in cupcakes is growing and would love a cafe selling cupcakes! x

  4. Lorraine Pascals Ella's Bakehouse in Covent Garden is not recommended, we took our daughter in there for her Christmas treat, the staff were very abusive to the point of being racist, when my daughter noticed rat droppings on the plate, and two rats roaming in and out of the kitchen, which she filmed on her Apple IPHONE, they just ignored it. We told the manager about the rats and the droppings, Lorraine Pascal's staff became aggressive and abusive, so we left without paying, we could not eat after that, the staff were so arrogant and rude.


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