Sunday, 21 February 2010

Urban Outfitters are Cupcake God's

Its funny a year ago you had to look long and hard on the high street to find anything cupcake inspired, well I was obviously a trend setter ahead of the times, cause now they are everywhere, as I found out on Valentines Day. The hubby took me for a quick nip round Bluewater to choose myself a gift and I had already decided it would be a nice piece of Jewelery from Urban Outfitters(check out my flickr) whilst I was there I was looking at there Kitsch home goodies, cause we all know I am the queen of Kitsch and to my delight I found CUPCAKES, these had to be bought obviously, my Hubby is so good and patient with my cupcake collection as there is certainly no more room in our kitchen but he says "you'll find it". Man I Love him.
I had said no to the Key Covers but he snuck them in without me seeing.

So did your Valentines, come with Cupcake Treats ?

On another subject my gorgeous baby boy had his big tests this week, under General he had a Lumbar Puncture and Bloods totalling 4 1/2 A4 pages of tests, he was amazing and everyone could not believe how good he was, so fingers crossed now for the results.

Love to All


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