Monday, 17 May 2010

Today's Cupcake Is... May 2010 Flickr Faves

Today's Cupcake Is... May 2010 Flickr Faves
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I promised I would try and keep up with my Flickr Faves and although I did not make it in April I have a lovely selection for you this month.

Firstly gorgeous handmade hairslides, I love these, although I don't think my super thick hair would. The pink colours are just awesome.

The canvases are the cutest thing, I have been thinking when I move in the summer I shall need some more Cupcake Art for the walls so these are a total inspiration.

The Lampwork Cupcake earrings are outstanding, this lady makes some of the best lampwork I have seen and she has a whole range of cupcake jewels, so get check it out.

The cupcake lampshade maybe in my home in the hear future, I just need to make sure my new kitchen will have space for it, so watch out.

Retro Cupcakes - are a real fave of mine and these are super pretty, I only wish I had a little girl to indulge these delights in.

Lastly the cupcake liners in a jar - totally love. I am off to Brighton on holiday tomorrow and trust me I will be on the look out for a glass jar to show mine off in, so simple yet so pretty.

So I hope you have enjoyed this months favourites, please click on the picture to go check out these peoples photostreams.



  1. I was very happy to find this post when I performed an internet search on "lampwork cupcakes"....those Pink Leopard cupcake earrings are from my shop.

    You have the BEST sources for cupcake items! I am always looking for the next unexpected cupcake items whether it's glass cupcake beads for my jewelry or a unique trinket for my office desk.

    Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous finds!


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